Welcome To Usambara Expedtions

Usambara Expedtions is a Tanzania based safari company, that arranges safaris and climbing expeditons in Tanzania and East Africa. We specialize in Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions and in combination safari tours, that give you the opportunity to visit several of Tanzanias beautiful national parks and get the most intense travel experience in the time available to you.

But our primary goal is to help you realize your plans in Tanzania whatever they are. Tours, parks, trekking, climbing, porters, guides, transportation, accommodation. We will answer your questions, and put your plans on track.

Customer service is our number one priority. All of our Naturalists and Guides have spent lifetimes traversing the bush and national parks of Tanzania and East Africa. Having years studying the flora, fauna and wildlife in schools with constant training and retraining, they know by instinct what it is you can be assured that our guides willl do everything possible to make your safari the trip of a lifetime.

Mountain Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest freestanding Mountain known to man. It is a mountain where you can hike for more than 90 kilometers, gain 4 000 meters in altitude, traverse rain forest, moorland, alpine desert, snow fields and ice cliffs, all virtually on the equator! A truly unforgettable and fascinating adventure.

Kilimanjaro has intrigued modern man for the past century. There’s no denying that the human spirit thrives on exploring and conquering the unknown. Although it was spoken of in the second century, Mount Kilimanjaro was only “discovered” by the western world in 1848, when the German missionary Johannes Rebmann came within sight of the mountain, explored the area and traversed the lower slopes. He submitted his findings to the Royal Geographical Society, but his description of a snowcapped mountain in eastern equatorial Africa was doubted by these “experts”. During the following years there where a number of unsuccessful attempts by various explorers to conquer the summit and it was only on the 6 October.

Beautiful Islands of Zanzibar

Most prominent of the Spice Islands, Zanzibar has a potent mix of history, legends and unique cultures. Visually stunning with exceptional natural beaches and the haunting architecture of Zanzibar town, the island has lured travelers to its shores for centuries. Its past was dominated by merchants, rulers, explorers, scholars – today tourism is playing a key role. Zanzibar Expeditions, provides the perfect compliment to an East African safari. Zanzibar is famous for being a major producer of cloves, and infamous as being a slave entry-port, the old stone town of Zanzibar has a fascinating labyrinth of narrow winding streets lined with whitewashed, coral-rag houses with overhanging balconies and magnificently carved brass studded doors, shops, bazaars, mosques, courtyards, squares etc.

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